TNT Appaloosas is dedicated to promote the remarkable breed of the Appaloosa horse. Our foal crop is our gauge to success. Each and every year we see the improvements that have been made - whether it consists of a better group of brood mares, or a different choice of stallion. We recently have had the pleasure of acquiring a stallion that we have admired for several years - Skipa Power. Skip is a 1990 leopard stallion who has earned 110 halter points. His ancestry includes such impeccable bloodlines as Skipper W and Bright Eyes Brother.


On the other hand, we have our stallion Rocket Finder TNT. Rocket is a rather large and heavy bodied stallion that is producing 100% color, not characteristics, but some of the loudest foals we have ever seen. Tri colored - Bays - Snow Caps - Blankets - Leopards - you name it, he's produced it. EVERYTIME. His docile manner is passed on which makes his foals enjoyable to be around. We would just like to know that when our time is done on this earth, we have left behind some of the most beautiful animals.


Tim & Tamara Northern
Stotts City, Mo ~